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Finger Paint with Your Voice
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By Eric Rosenbaum and Jay Silver of Beginners' Mind. Support from MIT Media Lab's LLK. Made with OpenFrameworks. Some inspiration from a brainstorm with Josh Gordonson and Amos Blanton. Concept collaborators include Amos Blanton and his early work on "Sing Painter."

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"Simple, fun as hell."
"...let your imagination play..."
~iPad Creative
"Mind? Blown"
~Fast Company's Co. Design
"It seems totally mad, 'til you see the video."
~Fast Company's Co. Design
"Think of all the awesome stuff you could do with this."
~Fast Company's Co. Design
" a sort of voluntary synesthesia."
~Design Boom
"DJs could make -- and scratch -- their own iPad records."
~Fast Company's Co. Design
"Singing Fingers has a dead simple interface"
~Design Boom