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HD Video Download Page

Maybe you want to watch the video in HD on YouTube or in HD on Vimeo. You might even want to download the full HD video from Vimeo, here it is: 20 MB version from Vimeo for download. That's directly from Vimeo and is very high quality. If for some reason you need an even higher quality video, we have a 300 MB download, but we don't recommend this unless you are planning on rebraodcasting the video in a high quality format, as it will take a long time to download and could cause complications. Okay here is the link to the barely compressed 300MB HD mov file.

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By Eric Rosenbaum and Jay Silver of Beginners' Mind. Support from MIT Media Lab's LLK. Made with OpenFrameworks. Some inspiration from a brainstorm with Josh Gordonson and Amos Blanton. Concept collaborators include Amos Blanton and his early work on "Sing Painter."

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"Simple, fun as hell."
"...let your imagination play..."
~iPad Creative
"Mind? Blown"
~Fast Company's Co. Design
"It seems totally mad, 'til you see the video."
~Fast Company's Co. Design
"Think of all the awesome stuff you could do with this."
~Fast Company's Co. Design
" a sort of voluntary synesthesia."
~Design Boom
"DJs could make -- and scratch -- their own iPad records."
~Fast Company's Co. Design
"Singing Fingers has a dead simple interface"
~Design Boom